BI & Predictive Analytics

From Data to Intelligence

When agility matters, Analytics empowers finance and business teams with actionable intelligence as a basis for better, more confident decisions.

Self service analytics enable real-time insights, advanced forecasting capabilities and collaboration across an ever evolving business environment.

Our clients use Analytics to maximise new opportunities, react faster to challenges, increase revenues while engaging more closely with customers, suppliers and employees.

Whether you are and SME or Large Enterprise, Clarivos will help you choose the right Enterprise Performance Management system that will empower the Office of the CFO.

Key Capabilities

  • Data to intelligence - gain real time insights and explore data with self-service dashboards, reports and artificial intelligence. Ability to connect live to your data source and blend data across multiple sources.
  • Uncover the unknowns - with artificial intelligence and machine learning reveal the unknowns and patterns in your business to drive faster, more accurate and confident decision making.
  • Predictive Analytics - leverage machine learning capabilities for forecast results such as future Sales but also predict the likelihood of business outcomes. Which customers are likely to leave and why ?
  • Scenario Planning & Simulation  - leverage your  data to build what if scenarios and simulations. Through self-service model building and version management simulate the impact of changes in currencies, volumes, prices, costs and other drivers

Solutions in Action

What We Offer

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Technology Solutions

SAP Analytics Cloud for Business Intelligence

Answer business questions with easy, self-service business intelligence capabilities. Interactively work with your information and gather meaningful insights

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SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

Empower your business to collaborate in real-time by breaking down data silos, unifying plans, and aligning processes

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CCH Tagetik - Advanced Analytics & Dashboarding

Advanced Analytics & Dashboarding

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