Cashflow Planning and Analysis

Manage Risk & Improve Cash Management

Whether you need to run simulations to optimise short-term cash requirements, or apply what-if analysis to different payment terms - Cash Flow Planning & Analysis empowers you to take control of your cash. Clarivos consultants work with clients to identify and select the scenario that optimises their cash position.

To give you the best coverage of invested capital —and satisfy your stakeholders’ need for maximum value, our consultants put financial targets at the heart of cash flow, balance sheet and P&L statement preparations. For more precise cash flow projections, we can create direct cash flow drivers to deliver accurate balance sheets, build realistic cash flow plans and manage cash effectively.

Whether you are and SME or Large Enterprise, Clarivos will help you choose the right Enterprise Performance Management system that will empower the Office of the CFO.

Key Capabilities

  • Real-time graphical dashboards
  • Business driver analysis and cash flow forecasting
  • Play what-if cash positions by varying financial policies
  • Driver-based direct cash flow projections
  • Compare real-time and historical data via deviation analysis
  • Pre-packaged calculations and double-entry accounting

Solutions in Action

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CCH Tagetik - Cashflow Planning & Analysis

Cashflow Planning & Analysis

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