Disclosure Management

Streamline the last mile with confidence

Clarivos consultants work with you to take the human effort — and human error — out of the last mile of finance. By implementing solutions that automatically populate reports with the latest results, you can be confident that your annual filings, board books, and management presentations are up-to-date with current numbers.

Whether you’re creating financial, statutory, or management disclosures, establishing an end-to-end platform automates all checks and balances, while normalising and validating data. The result? Your disclosures are accurate, consistent, and compliant with the IFRS or multi-GAAP you’re subject to - freeing you to spend more time on analysis and less time verifying disclosures.

Whether you are and SME or Large Enterprise, Clarivos will help you choose the right Enterprise Performance Management system that will empower the Office of the CFO.

Key Capabilities

  • Dynamic reports refresh with updated figures
  • A single source of data ensures accuracy
  • Microsoft Office integration ties numbers to narrative
  • Supports simultaneous users
  • Audit logs to track all changes

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CCH Tagetik - Disclosure Management

Disclosure Management

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