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A lot can go wrong in project management. Lack of clear goals and success criteria cause confusion. Miscommunication presents a huge obstacle. Misallocation of resources and budgeting issues hinder success. These are just some of the challenges that can prevent you from executing success. 

Clarivos has a number of out-of-the-box solutions that support customers in controlling and managing their projects so no-one and nothing gets missed or left behind.

Key Benefits

  • Ensure seamless systems - Integrate Finance, HR, Material Management, Production Planning, Sales and Distribution to give relevant, secure visibility to data for every individual and team involved in project planning and delivery.
  • Improve financial planning - Get a full view of revenue and margin across all your lines of business.
  • Make better predictions - Take advantage of planning and forecasting resources and maximise revenue. Project and opportunity scenario planning helps you determine future resource requirements. 
  • Streamline invoicing - Integrated project billing means a smoother transactional process.
  • Promote accountability - Track the number of FTEs, service agents, skills and certifications, to ensure tasks are assigned to the right people.
  • Ensure supply matches demand. - Aggregate your view of resource availability by line of business.
  • Collaborative planning - Increase project success through collaborative planning among team members and project managers.
  • Simplified scheduling - Plan projects faster and easier with intuitive scheduling tools for project managers.
  • Mobile project management - Give project managers the flexibility to schedule, monitor status, and deliver projects from anywhere on their mobile devices.
  • Instant responsiveness - Respond quickly to keep projects on track with intelligent, predictive analysis and real-time insight into project status.
  • Search and match - Identify the best talent for upcoming projects using criteria such as skill, cost, and location.
  • Resource utilization -Make timely staffing decisions with insight based on utilization and performance metrics
  • Project talent - Reduce turnover by aligning team members’ skills and career paths with projects.
  • Resource pools - Improve insight into talent availability with organizational resource pools
  • Collaboration -Bring teams together to make decisions and keep projects moving forward with tighter 

  • Social project work -Improve communication across project teams with conversation threads. Attach documents to share insights and answer questions.
  • Immediate status - Keep projects on time and on budget with real-time tracking of status and intelligent, proactive monitoring.

  • Mobile team members - Give project team members easy-to-use task management tools they can use from their mobile devices—anytime, anywhere
  • Project control - Improve planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting of project costs and revenue with comprehensive financial controls.
  • Project valuation-Improve accuracy of project cost accounting while standardizing and streamlining the collection of costs associated with projects.

  • Cost capture - Reduce manual work by easily capturing costs from multiple functions including time and labour, procurement, and financials.
  • Capital projects - Simplify the tracking of all capital asset costs and transactions associated with projects.

  • Easily generate customer invoices during projects to increase the accuracy and efficiency of project billing.
  • Contract compliance - Ensure projects comply with contract terms and conditions with built-in contract analytics and billing controls.
  • Flexibility - Simplify the management of complex contracts and reduce administrative overhead through flexible associations between projects and contracts.
  • Project revenue - Recognize revenue from projects faster using analysis of revenue trends and contract limits.
  • Time recording - Record time for projects easily and consistently with automated time and attendance record-keeping.

  • Time capture - Give your project teams the flexibility to capture time by conversational digital assistant, mobile app, and time card.

  • Timecards -Simplify the time-tracking process with time cards that are easily submitted, reviewed, and approved.

  • HR and finance -Speed up processes and reduce errors by fully connecting time and labour for projects with human resources and finance.

Solutions in Action

What We Offer

Real-time project collaboration and monitoring

Run more effective, profitable projects by facilitating collaboration and enabling your teams to manage, deliver, and monitor projects in real time.

Integrate to financials, purchasing & sales for control
Plan projects & execute to maximum effect
Allocate resources to maximise billing and effectiveness

Run more effective, profitable projects by facilitating collaboration and enabling your teams to manage, deliver, and monitor projects in real time.



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