Profitability Analysis

Knowing exactly what drives profitable growth helps you stay ahead of the curve.

Our consultants work with you to centralise real-time financial and operational data and apply best-in-class data exploration tools that can drill down across unlimited dimensions to reveal where operational costs are impacting profitability.

Our clients benefit from a comprehensive solution that offers driver-based and activity-based costing, with what-if scenario analysis.

Whether you are and SME or Large Enterprise, Clarivos will help you choose the right Enterprise Performance Management system that will empower the Office of the CFO.

Key Capabilities

  • Gain visibility into profit margins - See how costs impact margins. Allocate and manage direct, indirect, and activity-based costs. Drill down to the product, project, customer and service-level for accurate profitability analysis.
  • Maximise profits with operational alignment - Play out financial and operational assumptions to understand the impacts on profitability. Compare the results of what-if scenarios side-by-side to view the impact on the income statement , balance sheet, and cash flow.
  • Get insights with realtime analysis - Instantly assess profitability. Visualise costs and revenues on dynamic scorecards,dashboards,
    and ad hoc analytics. When things change, get notified in real-time with email or mobile alerts

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CCH Tagetik - Profitability Analysis

Profitability Analysis

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