Life Sciences

Innovate. Make the complex simple. Get peace of mind. Thrive in the highly regulated Life Sciences sector with Clarivos Insight for Life Sciences.

Life Sciences manufacturers operate in an exciting and rapidly developing sector. At the same time, it’s heavily regulated, making it a challenging industry to succeed. Businesses are under pressure to balance innovation and sales of products, while ensuring strong financial performance. 

Insight  incorporates industry best practices, and is powered by SAP Business ByDesign cloud ERP. Designed to meet the stringent quality and regulatory compliance essential to Life Science, the solution is fully integrated for complete finance and ERP functionality. 

Start maximising management, planning, and analysis in as little as 16-24 weeks. 

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Clarivos is an SAP Gold Partner. Clarivos is recognised for delivering customer success with SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP BPC.

We’ll help you with:

  • Enabling Rapid Growth
  • Real Time Analytics  
  • A Single source of information
  • Business insights via mobile devices with real-time embedded analytics.
  • Centralising information across Finance, Research, Procurement, Production, Sales and Human Resources
  • A complete audit trail supports regulatory compliance validation, including FDA and ISO requirements.
  • Tracking and tracing Inventory Movements
  • Industry-leading track and trace system by batch and serial number.
  • Customer returns can be compared to original delivery to verify returns are the same as shipped.
  • Support sales, production and supply chain management with multi-currency, multi-company, global functionality
  • Individual product recalls can be traced back by batch.
  • Quality Control
  • Whether you manufacture in-house or through suppliers, you can ensure standards are met and documented.
  • Easy integration with Enterprise Quality Management solutions and other third party software as required.

Execute projects to maximum effect

Optimise project management. Get better control by integrating financials, purchasing, and sales. Allocate resources efficiently to ensure cost and time efficiency. Analyse all stages of projects for improvements.

Get a full view of your business

Align all your business resources and operations with demand. Unify your organisation information under one umbrella. Detailed inventory management, real-time dashboards and reporting empower your people and partners to make fast decisions.

Get a smarter inventory

Real-time inventory data keeps you ahead of supply and demand. Identify redundant and slow-moving inventory and automate scheduling. 360’ view of processes drives performance and profit.

Production Management

End-to-end production support encompasses:

• Production to stock

• Delivery from stock

• Standard products

• Predefined variations

• Inspection Instructions

• Sampling Procedures

• Quality Control

• Traceability

Finance supports performance

A single source of truth for company financials integrates core business with financial performance. 

Never sweat over regulation again with out-of-the-box compliance functionality (IFRS, IAS, ready). Accelerate consolidation and close. Automate payables, receivables, and liquidity. Plan better for the future with accurate forecasts of cash flow. 

Enhance decision-making with instant analytics and reporting. 

Integration With SAP Business ByDesign

Consolidation process integrated with SAP BYD. Pre-built connections to load Actuals data from BYD to SAP Analytics Cloud. Master data and hierarchies aligned with BYD. Real-time integration. Single SAP HANA Database

Improved Execution and Coordination

Bring your enterprise-wide information into one single integrated database. Improve connectivity between suppliers and customers. Automation saves you working on manual processes. Spend more time optimising strategy.

Better resource management

Maximise resource utilisation to maximise revenue. Flag availability of appropriate or missing resources. Skills matrices drive informed decisions. Manage external service contractors to minimise costs. Make rate cards simple.

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