Wholesale Distribution

An optimised, integrated, best practice and affordable solution for Wholesale Distribution organisations, delivering insight, discovery, smart and predictive analytics.

Fast. Affordable. Intelligent. Expand beyond traditional industry boundaries and become a proactive insight-driven distributor with Clarivos Insight for Wholesale Distribution. 

Wholesale Distribution organisations operate in a complex and competitive environment. Execution and seamless coordination of suppliers and customers is vital to ensure optimal service and profitability.

Insight brings advanced enterprise intelligence demand planning functionality together with cutting edge predictive analytics into the reach of growing business. Built on the power of SAP Business ByDesign cloud ERP and SAP Analytics Cloud, Insight connects and improves your departments giving you a competitive edge. 

Above all, Insight comes out-of-the-box, ensuring rapid deployment and quick time-to-value.   

Drive profitability and customer service, optimise resource demand, manage inventory cost and capacity planning, and integrate your finance systems - in as little as 16-24 weeks.

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Clarivos is an SAP Gold Partner. Clarivos is recognised for delivering customer success with SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP BPC.

We'll help you with:

  • Delivering accurate Product Control
  • Detailed Inventory Management
  • Third-Party Logistics Integration
  • Provision Barcode Scanning
  • Supplier Contract Management
  • Improving warehouse layout & bin locations
  • Delivering full traceability - Lot & Serial Numbers
  • Providing real-time Dashboard & Reporting
  • Providing Mobile Applications to the workforce
  • Improving Sales, Marketing & Service Automation
  • Providing E-Commerce and Finance Integration

Get a smarter inventory

Real-time inventory data keeps you ahead of supply and demand. Identify redundant and slow-moving inventory and automate scheduling. 360’ view of processes drives performance and profit.

Get better customer insights

Stay competitive with analytics that help you visualise and report customer, product, and market trends. Track leads, opportunities, and sales quotes. Create and execute marketing campaigns.

Get a full view of your business

Align all your business resources and operations with demand. Unify your organisation information under one umbrella. Detailed inventory management, real-time dashboards and reporting empower your people and partners to make fast decisions.

Finance supports performance

A single source of truth for company financials integrates core business with financial performance. 

Never sweat over regulation again with out-of-the-box compliance functionality (IFRS, IAS, ready). Accelerate consolidation and close. Automate payables, receivables, and liquidity. Plan better for the future with accurate forecasts of cash flow. 

Enhance decision-making with instant analytics and reporting. 

Improved Execution and Coordination

Bring your enterprise-wide information into one single integrated database. Improve connectivity between suppliers and customers. Automation saves you working on manual processes. Spend more time optimising strategy.

Become agile

Ramp up response times with greatly improved and accessible information. Improve consumer care quality. Build stronger relationships with your customers by improving delivery times. 

Production Management

End-to-end production support encompasses:

• Production to stock

• Delivery from stock

• Standard products

• Predefined variations

• Inspection Instructions

• Sampling Procedures

• Quality Control

• Traceability

Customer Contract Management

Make customer engagement smoother with preconfigured customer contract management. Service and support agreements. Subscription management, automated revenue recognition, automated invoice scheduling all ensure timely and easily tracked billing. Less time on admin. More time building relationships. 

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