Wholesale Distribution

An optimised, integrated, best practice and affordable solution for Wholesale Distribution organisations, delivering insight, discovery, smart and predictive analytics.

Clarivos INSIGHT for Wholesale Distribution brings advanced enterprise intelligent demand planning functionality together with cutting edge Predictive Analytics and Google Assistant into the reach of growing businesses. It’s a fast, affordable way to connect your departments, improve your processes and give you a competitive edge.

Built on the power of the SAP Business ByDesign cloud ERP and SAP Analytics Cloud platforms. Utilising standard API's to integrate into third parties for advanced logistics and supplier interactions.

Improve profitability and customer service, optimise resource demand, manage inventory/cost and capacity planning as well as integrate finance and billing systems.

Implementation times are around 16-24 weeks which ensures you can get a rapid return on your investment.

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Wholesale Distribution
  • Automate Scheduling
  • Provide comprehensive Supply Chain Planning
  • Deliver accurate Product Control
  • Provide detailed Inventory Management
  • Third-Party Logistics Integration
  • Provision Barcode Scanning
  • Supplier Contract Management
  • Improve warehouse layout & bin locations
  • Deliver full traceability - Lot & Serial Numbers
  • Provide real-time Dashboard & Reporting
  • Provide Mobile Applications to the workforce
  • Improve Sales, Marketing & Service Automation
  • Provide E-Commerce and Finance Integration

360 View of Inventory & Costs

  • Integrate business processes with financial functions
  • Real-time inventory data
  • Identify redundant and slow-moving inventory
  • Rapid feedback for sales strategies
  • Visibility to measure and improve company performance
  • Supplier Contract Management
  • Automate Scheduling
  • Get a clear view of your supply networks

Better Customer Insights

  • Track leads, opportunities and sales quotes
  • Create & execute marketing campaigns
  • Create & track sales activities and budgets
  • Analyse products and historical trends
  • Reporting
  • Understand which customers are buying
  • Analyse geographical markets

Clear Picture of Demand

  • Align all business resources and operations with demand
  • Unified, complete and up-to-date records
  • Organisation-wide access to information
  • Enable managers and supply chain partners to make fast decisions
  • Automate Scheduling
  • Provide Detailed Inventory Management
  • Provide Real-Time Dashboard & Reporting

Finance platform to support performance

  • Embedded analytics & reporting delivering insight and enhancing decision making
  • Automated workflow & Predictive Analytics to plan ahead
  • Establish a single view of company financials by integrating core business processes with financial performance.
  • Meet global reporting standards - International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) and the International Accounting Standard (IAS)
  • Experience accelerated period-end closing processes
  • Achieve more accurate forecasting of cash flow by incorporating data from customer and supplier-facing business processes
  • More efficient management of payables, receivables, inventory, and liquidity

Improved Execution and Coordination

  • Single Integrated Database and source of corporate-wide information
  • Integrated working with suppliers and customers
  • Reduce reliance on manual processes
  • Unified point of data access
  • Improve the customer and supplier experience
  • Provide Real-Time Dashboard & Reporting
  • Provide Mobile Applications to the workforce

Ramp up Response Times

  • Improve speed of response
  • Greatly improved accuracy of information, lead-time data
  • Improve quality of customer care across all contact points
  • Improve understanding of customer requirements
  • Improve delivery times
  • Management reporting
  • Deliver to Service Level Agreements

Production Management

• Production to stock

• Delivery from stock

• Standard products

• Predefined variations

• Inspection Instructions

• Sampling Procedures

• Quality Control

• Traceability

Customer Contract Management

  • Service & support agreements
  • Subscriptions Management
  • Automated revenue recognition
  • Automated invoice scheduling to ensure timely Billing

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