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Luke Andrews
SAP EPM & Analytics
Luke Andrews Graduate Journey at ClarivosReuben Gower's Graduate journey at Clarivos.
Luke Andrews is an EPM Consultant at Clarivos

Luke Andrews

Why Clarivos?

I had a desire to grow in the industry, this desire was matched by Clarivos when I spoke with them. Everyone noted how Clarivos were growing as an organisation and evolving. They mentioned the small team I would be part of, offering support and exposure which would help accelerate my personal development.

What Have you Been Working on Recently?

I have been working on various projects and tasks. I have started on my first individual projects over the last weeks. I’m also helping in the build of a package Clarivos will sell. As well as aiding in ongoing SAP Analytics Cloud & SAP BPC projects.

How have you been supported by senior colleagues?

As a graduate I feel this is very important, there will always be questions. My team include experts who have vast experience and knowledge, who at short notice will answer any question you have. Everyone collaborates together from graduates to Senior Consultants and Directors. Starting a new job and working from home may make it more challenging to communicate, but with a quick message the team are always willing to help me out. The knowledge they have passed on to me has been invaluable.

What are you looking forward to in the future while at Clarivos?

It’s an exciting time in Clarivos. I have only been here a few months and there has already been other new hires, so I’m excited to see where the company goes. On a personal level I’m exciting to continue growing, developing and being involved in exciting projects.

What are you most proud of achieving while at Clarivos?

Being involved in successful pre-sales work, where I felt I added value. Mostly however, having the responsibility of running a project on my own. This involves dealing with customers and facing deadlines. It is challenging but I am delighted to of reached this point already.

How has your skill set grown while at Clarivos?

My knowledge of solutions such as SAP Analytics Cloud has expanded massively. A really exciting solution which is gaining greater popularity. My skills with the tool have grown not just on the BI side, but I have learned a lot from the financial reporting use too. I’m also using SAP BPC, a powerful solution which I had no prior knowledge of before starting a Clarivos. Knowledge of these solutions is a great skill-set to hold.

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