The Codestone Group is deeply saddened by the passing of theUnited Kingdom's beloved monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. In our wonderfullydiverse company, whilst we count among us colleagues and friends with manynationalities, as a UK company it is right that we pay tribute to her. QueenElizabeth II has served as our queen and head of state for over seventy years,a life of devoted duty and public service to the UK and Commonwealth of nationswhich at the same time is very real but almost beyond imagination. Throughoutthose seven decades, she has served with fortitude, dignity and humilitythrough immeasurable change in this country and across the world. Remarkably,her public service continued into her 96th year, as justthis week she invited her fifteenth Prime Minister to form a UK government.During her lifetime she championed the Commonwealth, a family of 54 nations and2.5 billion people. As head of state for fifteen countries, she is respected,loved and admired around the world. For those of us who are British and formany others, she has been a constant presence throughout our lifetimes. We knowthat many of you amongst our customers, suppliers and other business partnerswill share in our admiration and affection for her and deep sadness at herloss. Rest in peace our remarkable queen and thank you for your lifetime of serviceto the UK and the Commonwealth.