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Reuben Gower
CCH Tagetik Consultant
Regulation & Compliance
Reuben Gower's graduate journey at ClarivosReuben Gower's Graduate journey at Clarivos.
Reuben Gower

Reuben Gower

Why Clarivos?

I think as the business world becomes more tech-orientated and increasingly reliant on financial systems and software, our industry is one with great potential growth and future prospects. I chose Clarivos specifically as I wanted to work in a smaller firm where I could gain resp-onsibility early on and be able to clearly see the impact of my work for the company and clients. During my interview process every member of the Clarivos team that I met were very welcoming and friendly, which further convinced me that Clarivos was a good fit for me.

What Have you Been Working on Recently?

I work as a part of our CCH Tagetik Regulation and Compliance team. Recently I have been providing support work for our MMC IFRS16 Project which we built over the summer, and also gearing up towards the Phase II part of the project which is kicking off at the moment.

How have you been supported by senior colleagues?

When I first joined I had numerous questions about the work I was doing, and also more generally about the product (CCH Tagetik) and our Company. All members of the team, regardless of seniority, were extremely helpful and took the time to explain different things and answer all of my questions. One of the main things I like about working at Clarivos is that even as a Graduate I’ve been able to work on projects with more senior members of the team and directors of the company directly, which is an experience I don’t think many get at larger firms.

What are you looking forward to in the future while at Clarivos?

Our team at Clarivos has already expanded significantly since I joined, and I’m really looking forward to being part of the Company as it grows.

I’m looking forward To take on more respons-ibility, with training the new hires, and hopefully being the project lead in a few of the upcoming projects we have this year.

What are you most proud of achieving while at Clarivos?

I would say the MMC IFRS16 Project mentioned above. The requirements were far beyond those of most clients wanting an IFRS16 solution, so as a team we had to fully design and build a bespoke, complex solution to meet MMC’s needs. It was a proud moment when the system went live and we received really positive feedback from the users.

How has your skill set grown while at Clarivos?

My ability to use code has increased significa-ntly. I use SQL (Structured Query Language) almost every day and VBA (Visual Basic) also. I think being able to code is an invaluable skill and will be highly sought after by employers. My soft skills have developed considerably as well. Speaking to clients most days has helped with my communication and ability to explain potentially complicated subjects in a way that can be understood easily, and having multiple projects taking place at once requires me to manage my time more effectively.

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