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Streamline the Last Mile. Disclose – Accurately and Confidently.

Clarivos is a Platinum Partner for CCH Tagetik


Meet Statutory, Financial and Management disclosure requirements with ease

CCH Tagetik, powered by the Analytic Information Hub, takes the human effort — and human error — out of the last mile of finance. Instead, CCH Tagetik's software automatically populates the latest results into reports, giving you the confidence that your annual filings, board books, and management presentations are up-to-date with the latest numbers.

Whether you’re creating financial, statutory, or management disclosures, CCH Tagetik's end-to-end platform automates all checks and balances, while normalising and validating data. The result? Your disclosures are accurate, consistent, and compliant with the IFRS or multi-GAAP you’re subject to.  You’ll spend less time verifying disclosures, and more time on value added activities, like analysis.

CCH Tagetik Finance Transformation Platform

Key Capabilities

From close to disclosure,CCH Tagetik cascades data — consolidated according to the standard of your choosing — into any output. Whether you’re creating a net new report, rolling one forward, or simply updating a document, CCH Tagetik's end-to-end solution makes it easy.

  • Dynamic reports refresh with updated figures
  • A single source of data ensures accuracy
  • Microsoft Office integration ties numbers to narrative
  • Supports simultaneous users
  • Audit logs to track all changes

Key Reasons

3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Disclosure Management lets you focus on your Business:

  • Comply with Multiple Disclosure Requirements - Multi-GAAP requirements, EBA reports, IFRS disclosures,integrated reporting: quickly calculate and format disclosures for every regulatory body you need to comply with.
  • Automate Accuracy - CCH Tagetik normalises data upon entry and validates data at every turn. Disclosures automatically populate with the latest data,minimising manual input and guaranteeing consistency.
  • Keep Everyone On Track -Reduce bottlenecks and foster seamless collaboration with a process workflow that funnels your team through each step. For data and process governance, an audit trail tracks who did what, and when.

Key Benefits

Automated data, CPM powered narrative - CCH Tagetik integrates with Microsoft Office, powering documents and presentations with automation and collaboration tools. CCH Tagetik's single data source unites all ERPs, CRMs, and existing applications. Your team will always be confident they’re working with the right data.

  • Use familiar tools like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Align text to numbers with automatic narrative adjustments
  • Get a single version of the truth by centralising data
  • Speed up disclosure with pre-built templates
  • Multiple users can collaborate simultaneously

Technology in Action

Our Credentials

  • Strategic Partner since 2008 Tagetik launch in UK.
  • Certified Platinum status and Country Awards winner.
  • 12th Year  - Successful Delivery of CCH Tagetik Projects.
  • Over 150+ distinct projects across CCH Tagetik Consolidation and Budgeting/Planning Projects including first wave of IFRS16 and IFRS17 engagements.
  • Leading AIH practitioners.
  • Connected at every level in CCH Tagetik ecosystem. Strong relationship with Tagetik C-Level and Product Development.
  • Demonstrable Road-Map Influence.
  • Conduct Tagetik Prospect Workshops, Clinics and Customer Forums.
  • Package Development and IP.

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