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Accelerate financial and management reporting with the CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office for reporting. CCH Tagetik's solution combines familiar reporting tools with real-time data, automation, and financial intelligence. CCH Tagetik, powered by the Analytic Information Hub, centralises all corporate data in a single trusted source that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office. To ensure your reports are always consistent, they dynamically update with the most recent data and narrative when changes occur.

CCH Tagetik's self-service tool enables all users to slice, dice, drill, and transform data to produce value-added analysis. Your team can collaborate easily using a built-in workflow, centralised data source, and versioning controls. Whether you’re creating the annual report, budget book, or earnings presentation, you'll always have confidence that your data is correct and consistent.

CCH Tagetik Finance Transformation Platform

Key Capabilities

Whether you’re using one data source or twenty, CCH Tagetik's financial reporting software integrates easily with your existing systems, automatically cascading all relevant information in to your reports.

  • Combine data from multiple sources
  • Audit trail tracks changes every step of the way
  • Collaborate, maintain data governance and control
  • Create standard templates for consistency
  • Automatically roll reports forward

Key Reasons

3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Financial Reporting lets you focus on your Business:

  • Accelerate Reporting - In CCH Tagetik's unified solution, a single source of consolidated data automatically flows into reports, including monthly financial statements, board books, and annual reports.
  • Collaboration and Control - Align contributors, maintain control, instil confidence. Use CCH Tagetik’s collaboration tools, customisable workflow, and audit trail to experience a streamlined, transparent reporting process.
  • Narrative and Numbers Together - Create dynamic, accurate, and consistent reports. CCH Tagetik integrates with Microsoft Office, enhancing Excel, PowerPoint, and Word with financial intelligence, automation, and real-time data.

Key Benefits

Increase efficiency in your reporting cycle. CCH Tagetik's automated financial reporting solution integrates with Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint so you can expedite the reporting process, while ensuring accuracy and transparency.

  • Multiple contributors can work on the same report
  • Collaborate via comments, instant messaging, or email
  • Track progress via a management dashboard
  • Dynamically update numbers and narrative
  • Update reports with real-time data

Technology in Action

Our Credentials

  • Strategic Partner since 2008 Tagetik launch in UK.
  • Certified Platinum status and Country Awards winner.
  • 12th Year  - Successful Delivery of CCH Tagetik Projects.
  • Over 150+ distinct projects across CCH Tagetik Consolidation and Budgeting/Planning Projects including first wave of IFRS16 and IFRS17 engagements.
  • Leading AIH practitioners.
  • Connected at every level in CCH Tagetik ecosystem. Strong relationship with Tagetik C-Level and Product Development.
  • Demonstrable Road-Map Influence.
  • Conduct Tagetik Prospect Workshops, Clinics and Customer Forums.
  • Package Development and IP.

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