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SAP Analytics Cloud, also known as SAC, is a single cloud data visualization tool, that connects people, information, and ideas, leveraging:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Predictive Analytics
  • And Planning.

SAP Analytics Cloud is for businesses of all sizes and industries, and meets a growing demand for data visualisation, budget planning, and predictive analytics in the cloud. The system is delivered as a single, SaaS, fully cloud product. The platform combines Business Intelligence, Augmented and Predictive Analytics, and Planning capabilities into one cloud environment, supporting advanced analytics enterprise-wide.

SAP Analytics Cloud builds reports, with data coming from all over, capturing insights in real-time from your business activities, budget forecasting data, and even massive datasets.

SAP Analytics Cloud is agile, intuitive, with a familiar and simplistic user experience, enabling every user to produce reports of widely varying complexity with complete autonomy.

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What are the Benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud

Key Capabilities

  • Analyze, plan, predict, and report all in one place to save time and better support the business.
  • Act in the moment - Input your Plan and instantly visualize the impact on your performance metrics. Accelerate your planning with what if scenarios, simulations, value driver trees, allocations and advanced calculations.
  • Data Exploration and Visualization - Empower business users to safely and securely work with governed data and create stunning interactive dashboards. Uncover and deliver actionable insights across the enterprise with intuitive self-service analytics.
  • Enterprise Platform Services  - Gain a holistic view of your business in seconds, with a seamless blending of multiple data sources. Live connections to both cloud and on-premise data sources eliminate silos and streamlines secured access to information enabling end-to-end analytics for the Intelligent Enterprise.
  • Align Operational, Strategic and Financial Planning – line of businesses can build their own top down or bottom up plan in the cloud.  Siloed plans can be consolidated into one Corporate Plan to improve alignment and performance.
  • Validate manual planning with predictive intelligence for better, data-driven decisions. Predict the value of sales but also business outcomes e.g. Which customers are likely to leave? What will be the sales volume next month? Which customers would respond to a marketing offer?
  • Collaborate and interact on screen, on the road, or at home to keep the conversation going.
  • Discover, analyze, plan, and predict in one user experience across all devices.
  • From Data to Intelligence - Make end-to-end decisions with data management & analytics together in one place.
  • Find answers easily, just ask - use natural language technology to answer your business questions – it’s as easy as using a search engine.
  • Forecast future performance with Predictive forecasting and future outcomes with Smart Predict. Which invoices will be paid late? Which Customers are likely to leave?
  • Uncover the unknowns - Use Artificial intelligence to uncover key influencers and unexpected results.
  • Transform your data with the latest modelling tools. Machine learning technology automatically cleans your data by alerting you of possible errors and categorizing measures and dimensions.
  • Data Access - SAP Analytics Cloud obtains data through data imports (i.e. SQL, OData etc.), and directly reading from your ERP system.
  • Data visualisation - Explore and highlight key insights with graphs, charts, tables, and other graphical components.
  • Predictive analytics - Smart Discovery, identification of influential characteristics.
  • SAC allows mass data analysis. Therefore, by utilizing more data, this improves results, proposing more relevant highlighted key indicators. 
  • Simply ask a question - SAP SAC uses natural language technology to answer your business questions. It’s as easy as using  a search engine.
  • Embed and integrate Planning Analytics within Enterprise Applications such as S4 HANA, SAP BYD, Business One, Group Reporting, Success Factors and Concur.

Who is SAP Analytics for?

SAP Analytics Cloud is purpose built to be accessible to organisations of all sizes. The platform is highly affordable, and easy to use, meaning you don’t need to be an IT-whizz to get the most from the solution. 

Machine learning technology and embedded artificial intelligence helps you discover deep insights, simplify access to critical information, and empower informed decision making for everyone. 

SAP Analytics Cloud reports illustrate an overview of business activities, giving you real time savings for the c-suite. Reports easily highlight key performance indicators, for individuals that manage these activities in real time. 

SAP Analytics Cloud is most powerful when used jointly with your ERP system as a data source. These might include SAP S4/Hana, SAP Business ByDesign, or SAP Business One, and other products in the SAP suite. That’s why we’ve curated a number of joint packages tailored to various industries. Check out our INSIGHT packages to learn more:

SAP Analytics Cloud for Business Intelligence

SAP Analytics Cloud's business intelligence and augmented analytics capabilities help you to evaluate and predict business outcomes. Now you can reduce uncertainty and confidently drive insight beyond human bias in one simple cloud solution.

Automatically receive strategic insights with SAP Analytics Cloud’s embedded machine learning technology–helping you go from insight to action in a fraction of the time. Avoid agenda-driven decision making by unveiling the true story of what is driving your business.

Answer business questions with easy, self-service business intelligence capabilities. Interactively work with your information and gather meaningful insights.

SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning 

SAP Analytics Cloud is setting a new standard for financial planning & analysis by combining business intelligence, planning and predictive analytics in the cloud.

Experience collaborative enterprise planning at its best. No more silos. No more endless consolidation efforts. Leverage SAP's end-to-end solution with powerful features to unite your organization with SAP Analytics Cloud for planning.

Work with our team of Finance professionals at Clarivos to transform your planning processes across your lines of business with SAP Analytics Cloud. Planning is not just for the office of Finance.

Planning is for everyone with SAP Analytics Cloud. SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning empowers every business function to collaborate in real-time, by breaking down data silos, unifying plans, and aligning processes.

Act in the moment, input your plan, and instantly visualise the impact on your performance metrics, align plans across every business function to break down silos  and bring teams together, and collaborate anywhere to keep the conversation going.

Streamline your process with predictive analytics workflow, what-if scenarios, value driver trees, allocations, and advanced calculations.

Make end-to-end decisions with confidence, in one single workflow from planning to insights. Drive better business outcomes and gain full alignment across all business areas with extended planning and analysis in SAP Analytics Cloud.


Technology in Action

SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning
Packaged Solution - SAP Analytics Cloud & Financial Consolidation Extension
Packaged Solution - SAP Analytics Cloud & SAP Business ByDesign for Finance Departments

Our Credentials

  • SAP Gold Partner
  • First SAP Qualified Partner Package Solution for the Intelligent Enterprise in the UK
  • SAP Pinnacle Award Nominee (5 worldwide)– Best SAP Qualified Partner Packaged Solution for the Intelligent Enterprise
  • SAP EMEA Partner Excellence Award – Cloud ERP
  • SAP EMEA Partner Excellence Award – Analytics
  • SAP Recognised Expertise in Enterprise Performance Management
  • SAP Partner Centre of Expertise Certified
  • SAP Active Quality Management Certified
  • SAP EMEA Partner Executive Council
  • SAP EMEA Analytics Partner Forum
  • ISO27001- Information Security Management Certified
  • Part of the Government Digital Outcomes Specialists Framework

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