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SAP BPC (SAP Business Planning and Consolidation) is an EPM system that unifies and delivers Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, and Consolidation capabilities in a single application. Spend more time growing your business, and less time closing the books.

SAP BPC is the only solution that can deliver true, real-time data integration between SAP S4/Hana, and the Consolidation and Planning process. SAP BPC integrates with all of the S4/HANA modules, allowing for true integrated sales, Production, and Manpower Management.

On-premise, or in the Cloud, extend SAP BPC with Additional Visualisation, Enhanced Planning, and Predictive Capabilities with SAP Analytics Cloud.

We’ve implemented hundreds of successful Planning and Consolidation products for our customers, that result in real business value, and empower the Finance function to become true partners to their entire organisation.

With over 50 consolidation and planning projects spanning 12 years, Clarivos is a specialist partner who consistently delivers the benefits of SAP BPC with S4 HANA. Accelerated ROI is achieved using SAP best practices, and our range of rapidly

CCH Tagetik Finance Transformation Platform

Key Capabilities

  • Unified solution for budgeting planning, consolidation and reporting. Deliver a fast and accurate close by automating the steps of consolidation and planning. Thousands of customers over many years have used BPC to meet all of their financial reporting and planning requirements.
  • SAP S/4 HANA Integration - BPC is embedded with S/4 HANA allowing real time actual data for consolidation. BPC accesses enterprise wide data through S/4 HANA supporting integrated business planning across all functions. It is not just for Finance - BPC is a window on the enterprise.
  • Performance and complexity – leverage the power of the SAP HANA platform to develop complex calculations, high levels of data granularity and fast performance.
  • Engage stakeholders across the business with Microsoft Office, HTML5 and enhance visualisation through SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Hybrid strategizing – BPC supports lives connections with SAP Analytics Cloud. Extend BPC with additional data and predictive capabilities with SAP Analytics cloud.
  • Modelling and Planning logic – use what if, scenario planning and predictive for developing forecasting models.
  • BPC is the only EPM tool which can deliver true data integration between SAP S4 HANA and the consolidation and planning process. Other vendor solutions extract and duplicate the data from the SAP ledgers; SAP BPC integrates with S4 HANA and allows for real time consolidation and integrated business planning.
  • BPC sources data from all of the S4 HANA modules with use cases including Sales, Production and Manpower planning.
  • Unified - Planning and Consolidation in One Product. Single application lessens maintenance, enhances data integrity, and simplifies deployment. It also enables flexible planning & consolidation functions
  • Owned and Managed by Business Users: - Business users manage processes, models & reports with little IT dependence.
  • An open, adaptable application: - Extends the value of your investment in both SAP and non-SAP environments
  • Familiar, Easy to use: - It is easy to use and support native Microsoft Office tools (e.g. Excel) and web browsers accessing a central database.
  • Align Financial and Operational organisation: - It helps to determine financial goals and operational plans with strategic objectives.
  • Reduce budget cycle time
  • Optimise Financial Close - adapt fast to new requirements and deliver rapid, accurate insights to all stakeholders. 
  • Streamline Account Reconciliation - Automate and address security risk
  • Drive accurate and agile integrated insights - Seamlessly connect your departmental data
  • Manage and Drive profitability - Get insights you need into cost and profitability to determine resource allocation
  • Align Tax reporting with Corporate Financial Reporting - Connect processes and data in the financial close, and reg reporting.
  • Satisfy all Reporting Requirements - Never sweat over compliance again
  • Faster Consolidated Financial Statements in a single platform - no more silos thanks to Microsoft Excel

Smarter Strategy

SAP BPC supports management teams to better grasp their vision, mission, core values, and objectives. 

Budgeting - It is not just a prediction of future results. It is also a plan of actions and expected operations of the organization over the next year. Budgeting is done for proactive management and measurement of corporate performance.

Reporting - It ensures performance progress is monitored, problems are anticipated, and continuous improvement efforts are promoted.

Forecasting - Predicting outcomes is achieved throughout the financial year to reflect modifications that have occurred internally and externally. SAP BPC helps you understand how variables impact on plans and budgets, providing a more accurate understanding of the figures and planning for the future. 

What is EPM?

Enterprise Performance Management software helps you analyze, interpret, and report on critical business information. 

EPM is designed to support businesses plan, budget, forecast, and report on performance, as well as financial consolidation and close. Often leveraged alongside ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, it provides useful management insights to support operational data.

EPM is crucial to managing organisations across sectors, because it brings financial and operational data and insights together, driving strategies, plans, and execution. Read more about our EPM solutions here.

Do Clarivos offer SAP BPC training (UK)?

Last November, we launched an SAP BPC training scheme for customers and non-customers. As part of our client engagement methodology, we offer training, seminars, how-to’s, and more! If you feel like you’re not getting the most out of your SAP BPC investment, enquire now to get a free 10 hour support session. 

Get in touch to learn more about our range of support plans.

SAP BPC Case Studies

We have a range of SAP BPC customer success stories, improving budgeting, consolidation and reporting. Check them out here.


Technology in Action

Flexible Planning with SAP BPC 11.0 and Analysis for Office
SAP BPC Embedded and Commercial Planning at PZ Cussons
Croda Plc - SAP BPC Migration to NetWeaver

Our Credentials

  • SAP Gold Partner
  • SAP EMEA North Partner Excellence Awards - New Business Category - 2022
  • SAP EMEA North Partner Excellence Awards - Innovation using SAP Analytics Cloud - 2021
  • SAP EMEA North Partner Excellence Awards - New Business Category - 2021
  • SAP EMEA North SAP ByD Outstanding Performance Award - 2021
  • SAP EMEA North SAP ByD Net New Names Award - 2021
  • SAP UKI SAP ByD Outstanding Performance Award - 2021
  • SAP UKI SAP ByD Net New Names Award - 2021
  • SAP UKI SAP ByD Achievement vs Q4 Business Plan Target (%) - 2021
  • Fastest Growing SAP ByD Reseller of the Year - 2020
  • SAP Recognized Expertise in SAP ByD
  • SAP Intelligent Enterprise Partner Ambassador

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